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Title: EWYL Purchase Worksheet

Type: Excel

Inserted: 1/1/2014

Description: This file has all of the items needed for EWYL and the prices. Use it to easily put together an order and immediately view the total.

Title: Medical v. Loving

Type: PDF

Inserted: 11/20/2013

Description: A look at why a PRC needs both a medical and post-decision program.

Title: A Client's View

Type: PDF

Inserted: 11/20/2013

Description: Training and assistance programs are not only important, they are vital. From the perspective of a client this article explains why.

Group EWYL, Sets and Packs
Item EWYL Curriculum - Toddler Pack
Item Number 7601EWYL-TP
Size 19W x 12H x 7T
Weight 96 Oz.
24/7 Pro-Life Nurse Chat Line: 100% of the proceeds from your purchase will be donated to provide 24/7 pro-life nurse chat for abortion-vulnerable women. Thank you! Learn more here.
Parenting toddlers can be tiring...and exciting! Our new and refreshed Toddler Pack gives those simple yet vital pieces of information to your clients to help them know the best way to parent their toddler. Topics include Tantrums, Sleeping, Milestones, Siblings and more.


Customer Reviews

We have many clients who already have a toddler when they come in and this pack has been very appreciated. Good information and plenty of practical steps.
By: Beverly
Inserted: 9/17/2014

As a parenting educator as well as a director of a pregnancy resource center, I know the struggle in finding appropriate materials to use in prenatal and parenting education. For the past 10 years I've used several different sets and packs of EWYL and have never been disappointed! The ease of use, evidence based research, and intensive services provided are unequalled! I heartily endorse this product.
By: Suzanne
Inserted: 5/29/2014

We just received the toddler pack a short time ago and it is great! Many of our clients have been asking for more information on this age group. Very popular.
By: Marion
Inserted: 3/4/2014

I have used the EWYL program at 2 different centers over the last 7 years and we love it. It is easy for our volunteers to use and gives the educational component of our ministry a higher level of integrity. We often hear clients remark at what they have learned through the lessons and how it has helped them to have more confidence in their pregnancies and parenting. We appreciate the research put into the program and the desire for accuracy. Publishing updates on a regular basis has also been a blessing. Thank you.
By: Lisa Hildebrand
Inserted: 1/30/2014

We love using the Earn While You Learn program. It is very good information that can be applied in everyday situations as a parent. We highly recommend it to all our clients. It gives us even more opportunities to get to know them and the struggles they have and the needs that we can help to educate them through this program.
By: Diana, Pathway of Hope
Inserted: 1/29/2013

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