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Group Literature, Display Stands
Item Literature Stand
Item Number 9399LH
Material Acrylic
Imprint Color Clear
Size 4.5W x 10H x 8.25T
Weight 12.8 Oz.
Description: Sturdy acrylic literature holders also fit all of our standard tri-fold pieces for maximum flexibility. These 4 pocket, table top holders give you much more value than one or two pocket versions.


Customer Reviews

I am so glad I got this!!! It may only be a brochure holder, but it definitely makes our table look more organized and professional! I especially love that it is clear so you can see what is on the front brochure rather than it being covered up.
By: Anna
Inserted: 12/17/2019

I am so glad I got this!!! It may only be a brochure holder, but it definitely makes our table look more organized and professional! I especially love that it is clear so you can see what is on the front brochure rather than it being covered up.
By: Davin
Inserted: 1/7/2019

I have been using these literature racks for many years. The four tier setup is ideal for information tables. The pricing is reasonable and the units have been very durable. I am in the process of devising displays for local church foyers with one of these racks attached to a sign holder to announce upcoming events at CPC and provide all of the materials needed for church members to respond to the invitation.
By: Catherine
Inserted: 9/10/2014

This literature stand is a must when needing to display multiple brochures. It keeps the display table organized. Plan to use 3 at our upcoming County Fair Respect Life booth.
By: John
Inserted: 9/3/2014

I have these displays hanging on the wall. I also have them in our counseling rooms and they are packed with all our literature. That makes our tables look professional when we go out into the community for fairs or conferences.
By: Kathy
Inserted: 4/29/2014

Not only do we use these in each counseling room, but they are perfect to use on our display tables at Community events. You can never have enough!
By: Jan Antos
Inserted: 10/23/2013

I used these for the 1st time this past weekend, during our annual Fall Festival. I had more people look at and take more literature than at any festival in the past.
By: John Caviness
Inserted: 10/21/2013

These stands hold brochures in the ultrasound room, that we make available to family members as they join us for the ultrasound. The stands are very durable! We take them with us to our information booths as well.
By: pati himmelberg
Inserted: 5/17/2013

Want to display your resources for all to see? These display stands are a wonderful organizational products. I have purchased a lot of these and use them at my office and on my display tables. They are great.
By: Molly White
Inserted: 5/13/2013

These great pamphlets are very sturdy, easily kept organized and seen clearly for display.
By: Jan
Inserted: 4/30/2013

We've had about 10 of these at the back of church for the last 6 or 7 years. They are durable (not flimsy) and have never cracked even when they were dropped. Great product.
By: Kim
Inserted: 4/13/2013

These stands are a great way to keep literature organized in the Center. We like to organize them by topic, to make it easier for our counselors to find what they need. They are compact enough & sturdy to travel well and they are nice looking.
By: Abba PRC
Inserted: 2/3/2013

We have very limited space for our Pro-Life Display at our Church and these high-quality, sturdy display stands enable us to provide so much more information in a small space.
By: Pat Poole
Inserted: 10/16/2012

This display stand organizes our pamphlets and makes our didplay look neat& welcoming. We usually rubberband the literature while it is in the frame. When it is a windy day, this will keep it from blowing away. The frame is sturdy.
By: Regina Wyrzykowski
Inserted: 10/8/2012

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