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Group Literature, Abortion/Pro-Life, Abortion Minded
Item PACK (50): You Have A Right to Know
Item Number 978YH-P
Format Tri-Fold
Material 80# Text
Process Process Printing
Imprinted With Gloss Coated
Length 1 Pgs.
Size 11W x 8.5H x 0.01T
Weight 12.9 Oz.
Pack Pricing Mix-n-Match only in pack sizes.
Pack Size 50
Reviewed Physician Approved
24/7 Pro-Life Nurse Chat Line: 100% of the proceeds from your purchase will be donated to provide 24/7 pro-life nurse chat for abortion-vulnerable women. Thank you! Learn more here.
Every woman considering an abortion (and her parents) should be given this pamphlet. It explains the medical and psychological dangers of abortion. Includes updated explanations of abortion methods. Gives immediate and long-term complications of abortion and discusses the breast cancer connection. An excellent pamphlet for sidewalk counseling. SOLD IN PACKS OF 50 ONLY.


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8.5"x11" Tri-Fold 4-Color
8.5"x11" Tri-Fold 4-Color
8.5"x11" Tri-Fold 4-Color
8.5"x11" Tri-Fold 4-Color
8.5"x11" Tri-Fold 4-Color
8.5"x11" Tri-Fold 4-Color
8.5"x11" Tri-Fold 4-Color
8.5"x11" Tri-Fold 4-Color
8.5"x11" Tri-Fold 4-Color
8.5"x11" Tri-Fold 4-Color

Customer Reviews

This is a well designed pamphlet that covers the basics of abortion procedures, complications and fetal development. I was happy to see the addition of a paragraph on the link between abortion and increased risk of breast cancer in the 2018 version. I use this for sidewalk counseling all the time.
By: Carol Harris
Inserted: 1/4/2019

I make gift resource bags for sidewalk counselors to give to abortion minded women as they enter the abortion clinics. I include this brochure and it is effective in conversations with women who are seeking abortions.
By: Jennifer Bresett
Inserted: 2/17/2014

This is an excellent pamphlet which describes in detail the methods of abortion. As a sidewalk counselor in Savannah, I give this out with my informational packets.
By: Linda
Inserted: 12/10/2013

I love how informative this pamphlet is! I use it in all my packets I hand to people on the sidewalk.
By: R. Stoll
Inserted: 11/18/2013

I also use this at the sidewalk. It is attractive and comprehensive to tell about abortion and caution girls, letting them know what they are about to do. Prayer and materials are so important at the sidewalk.
By: S. Mir
Inserted: 10/3/2013

I know a mom is getting just what she needs to know when she reads this literature. Complications, methods and options are all there. Also space to put your own info (numbers) on the back.
By: Patti Smith
Inserted: 7/11/2013

Our center has used this brochure for years. Each new client automatically recieves one. They are well designed, appealing to the eye, and easy to read.
By: Debbie
Inserted: 5/3/2013

I like using this pamphlet in my sidewalk counseling. The colors and photos on the front of the pamphlet are very appealing to the eye and attracts more people to actually look further than the cover. Also, it is not as confrontational as others and is useful for those women who are harder to approach.
By: Maria
Inserted: 2/20/2013

An excellent piece to use when sidewalk counseling. A lot of information packed into an easy-to-read handout.
By: Ruth
Inserted: 10/13/2012

Right To Know is still the best piece of literature to present as a sidewalk counselor. I've seen a lot of new pieces of literature, but this is the most attractive, factual and comprehensive. Many lives have been saved due to this literature.
By: Jim Thoma
Inserted: 10/7/2012

This pamphlet is attractively designed and easy to understand. It includes all of the information that you need in one resource.
By: Charlotte
Inserted: 9/18/2012

Using this with clients has been very helpful the way the pamlet is desighned is a real draw. The clients are very open to taking the time to read this pamlet. will continue to use this again.
By: julie
Inserted: 8/29/2012

This pamphlet is great. I carry a few in my purse just in case I ever need them. The pamphlet explains the different ways of abortion, and is very easy to understand.
By: Elsa
Inserted: 8/27/2012

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