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Group Jewelry, Precious Hands
Item Gold Electroplate
Item Number 101GIL
Material Faux Gold Finish
Material Color Gold
Process Cast
Size 0.5W x 0.25H
Weight 0.136 Oz.
Includes Precious Hands Card
Description: The Precious Hands are taking their place along side the Precious Feet to educate and stimulate conversations. These lapel pins are the exact size and shape of an unborn baby's hands at 10 -12 weeks. Designed exclusively for the Heritage House by Maria Ogden and completed with the encouragement of Synda Masse formerly of Focus on the Family, they are perfect for letting others know the truth of fetal development. The tiny little fingers are a natural draw into conversation and education.


Customer Reviews

These hands are precious. I get many compliments and inquiries as to where they can be purchased. Thank you so much for your attention to detail.
By: Amy Zelle
Inserted: 1/2/2019

We had a pregnancy resource pie auction this last Thanksgiving and gave out the hands and Precious Feet to those who bought a pie to show their support to Pro Life projects.
By: Betty
Inserted: 1/14/2015

A must-have for pro-life work! Folks are always amazed to see these at our display tables once we explain that they're exact replicas of a 10 week old baby's hands. A wonderful intro into discussing the humanity of the unborn.
By: Noelle
Inserted: 9/10/2014

I received one of these as a gift last year and was so inspired I gave mine to a young lady who was questioning legalized abortion. I feel like I was "paying it forward." Now, I want to give some away this Christmas.
By: joan
Inserted: 10/25/2013

Of course the Precious Feet and Hands are both...precious. I'll always prefer the feet though, because of nostalgia for a symbol that preceded the hands and also because of a preference for the appearance.
By: Shelby Co RTL
Inserted: 9/26/2013

We use the Precious Feet pins as gifts for our new mothers in the OB/GYN practice I work in. I wear my Precious Hands and Feet to work. It is loved by patients and families alike. I even get asked about them when I run to the post office, bank, etc. There are lots of ways to get our message out there! Thanks.
By: Roxanne, RN
Inserted: 9/24/2013

We have given thees hands out along with the Precious Feet to whomever joins us in the "March for Life" in January at the Capital. It is an outward sign of our Pro-Life message.
By: Betty
Inserted: 9/23/2013

We order these all the time to give out to families and friends. This current order will be heading to a local school for a Spiritual Adoption Program.
By: KSchultz
Inserted: 8/22/2013

I ordered these with the Precious Feet and my co-workers asked what it was and they asked me for one them and one to give away. It is a great way to spread the message of 'Life' to all. I keep extra in my purse and our priest was excited when I gave him one to wear.
By: Lisa
Inserted: 1/12/2013

I have given these pins out before, and people are amazed to know the truth of the development of the baby at such an early stage. I will be presenting these to the teens that attend our next purity event as a reminder that their lives aren't the only ones at stake in the choice to stay sexually pure until marriage.
By: Cynthia
Inserted: 10/31/2012

I have ordered these many times in the past and are very excited to replace my depleted inventory. They are a fantastic tool to share the pro-life message with ANYONE! When seeing the actual size they were at 10 weeks, it is impacting.
By: Lynae
Inserted: 10/22/2012

So detailed and they make an impact on how big that baby is and how developed at 10 to 12 weeks! Help us with what our Life Affirming ministry!
Inserted: 10/22/2012

I have loved the feet for years, but these are really special. They are a bit more delicate, so use care with them, but they are really eye catching and I love wearing them and giving them away. I have ordered both gold and silver in the past. I place them in a bowl and it's interesting to see how an individual knows that they specifically want one or the other, and will dig to find what they want.
By: Carol Marie
Inserted: 9/22/2012

I own a number of these hands - one pair to wear, others to give away. The ten tiny fingers show up very nicely against a shirt, and get people's attention.
By: Elsa
Inserted: 8/27/2012

These are the neatest products..EVER..! The Precious Hands are so beautifully detailed and they reach out to everyone for impassioned response.."here I am"..and "notice me"..clarifying the loss of one tiny life....remembered. I usually wear two..and give one or more away. I also keep some in my pocket.
By: Mia Archer
Inserted: 8/23/2012

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