Ask us for bottles, run your campaign, and then pay only for what you use!

Last week, a PRC Director made a suggestion on how we could create an even better baby bottle program.  She asked if we could send her baby bottles for her fundraiser at NO COST until the campaign was over.  Then, she would have the many donations from the baby bottle drive to support her ministry and pay for the bottles.  We liked the idea so much that we are expanding on her vision for all our customers.

Introducing the Better Baby Bottle Program:

We want to help you fundraise but we can't do the work.  We can make getting the tools easier. We know resources are tight for everyone and we also know that the Baby Bottle Fundraiser brings the best return on your investment. Now, the Better Baby Bottle Program allows you to get that return first, and make the payment after your funds have already been brought in.

4 easy steps of the Better Baby Bottle Program

  1. Tell us how many bottles you need
  2. We will send them right out
  3. After your campaign, send back any unused bottles for a full credit
  4. Finally, after you have had time to run the campaign and collect all your donations (about $20-$25 per bottle!), pay only for the bottles you used!

Better for You, Better for Donors, Better for All

The new Better Baby Bottle Program is better for everyone.  Instead of worrying about getting too few bottles or worrying about getting too many (and spending too much money), this program makes everything easy!  Just tell us how many you think you need and we will send them right out.  If you don't use them all, no problem!  Just send back the unused bottles (in resalable condition) and we will credit your account with no restocking fee, no refund fee, and no processing fee. 

Even better, there is no up-front cost to run this fundraiser!  The bottles are sent at your request and we will keep the bill until you have had the time to send the bottles out and collect your donations.  As every organization that has tried the Baby Bottle Fundraiser knows, this program brings in huge returns.  Each bottle is filled on average with $20-$25 and up to an 80% return rate.  That means if you send out 1000 bottles, you can easily raise over $18,000!  With our new Better Bottle Program you get to collect your donations first then pay for the bottles (which you get to keep and use in future drives).

The Details

  • Open only to 501(c)3 organization in good standing.  Proof of 501(c)3 may be required.
  • Orders must be placed through Missie (1-800-858-3040 x227) and the Better Bottle Program must be mentioned.
  • Terms include 75 days of deferred payment.  This means that payments will not be due until 75 days after the date of the order.
  • Returned bottles must be returned in new resalable condition.  All bows/cards must be removed from the bottles and included in the return.  Any returns that are used or not in their original wrapper will not be credited back to the account.  If bottles are rejected for return, they may be requested to be returned to the customer at their expense.
  • Shipping costs for the bottles both on the original order and on returns will be the responsibility of the customer.

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